Project Name: Puzzle Minigame

Why did i make it: I wanted to make something that is a bit more difficult compared to the projects I get on school.

Instructions: The player controls a cube in the top of the screen there is a path that is randomly generated you have to follow it.
 If you stand on the wrong tile you have to start over and there will be a new path you have to walk. Enjoy :)

Controls: WASD - Movement / Z or X - Puzzle reset / Space - Camera Angle.

Play: Click here to play the game.



Project Name: Color Tetris

Why did i make it: I needed some grades for school with four simple games. but i couldn't use those for my portfolio so i decided to  make one game that was more difficult.

Instructions: The player can move the falling cube that spawn in the Top-Middle of the grid. You have to try to make a chain of 3 or  more cubes to let them dissappear and you will get points for it. The higher the chain the higher the points.

Controls: A Falling cube moves left / D Falling cube moves right/ Space cube falls faster/ Space to start or restart the game if you lost  the game.

Play: Click here to play the game.



Project Name: Endless Cube Runner

Why did i make it: I had to make this to fill up my portfolio

Instructions: Survive as long as possible by jumping over hills and gaps.

Controls: Left and right arrow key to slightly adjust your speed. Space to jump.

Play: Click here to play the game.