My name is Nino Groenendal, I am 21 years old and currently living in the Netherlands, Zwolle. I am studying at Deltion College, which is also located in Zwolle. I am in my third year of Gaming right now. One of the things I'm learning during this course, is programming with C# in Unity. I have got a good  sense for this, so learning new things comes naturally.



Programming with C# and Java in Unity.


What do I like to do?

Programming is something I really enjoy doing, since I can challenge myself with it. I also like to go jogging frequently so I can stay healthy. I also used to play games from time to time, but since I have gotten into programming it became less. I still enjoy playing games once in a while.



On my portfolio site, under the "Projects" header, you will find the projects that I have completed. Currently I'm still busy trying to put everything in order in that menu and it takes a lot of time and effort.